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Start lessons at anytime!
Semester is pro-rated to your start date.

Fall Semester Sept. 10 – Jan. 27
Spring Semester Jan 28 – June 10
Summer Semester mid-June – August           

$480  16 week semester – ½ hour lessons
$720  16 week semester – ¾ hour lessons
$960  16 week semester – 1 hour lessons

Tuition is billed at the beginning of each semester.  Tuition may be paid in full when billed, or in four installments of  $120 for ½ hr, $180 for ¾ hr, $240 for one hr.  A $20 administrative is added to the first billing to cover the costs involved in billing and maintaining an account. This fee is waived if you choose to pay for the semester in full on or before the first week of lessons. **  If you choose to pay in four installments, please be aware of the importance of making the payments on time.   Statements will be mailed the week before they are due and will be expected at the next lesson.  Late fees will be added to bills not paid on time.   Music and supplies will be added to each monthly bill.   Listed below are the weeks that the payments are due so that you can plan ahead.

Semester one
Payment one - Sept. 10
Payment two - Oct. 8
Payment 3 - Nov. 5
Payment 4 - Dec. 10
Semester two
Payment one - Jan 28
Payment two - March 4
Payment 3 - April 1
Payment 4 - May 6

**An explanation of the administrative fee
There are many hidden costs involved in running a small business.  We make every effort to keep the cost of the lessons down.  The administrative fee is added to cover the time and cost involved in maintaining a customer account, billing and dealing with the effects of late payments.  Therefore if the semester is paid in full at the beginning, the fee is waived.   Otherwise, the fee is due with your first installment.  For students who are new to More than Music and want to “try it out for four weeks”, the fee will be waived  until the second billing.  At that time you can decide to pay the rest of the semester in full or include the fee with your second  installment.

An explanation of the ABSENCE Policy:
ONE LESSON PER SEMESTER FOR STUDENT ABSENCE WILL BE MADE UP DURING THE APPROPRIATE MAKE-UP WEEK. On the calendar you will see a scheduled week at the end of each semester. This is an extra week and only those students who have missed a lesson come during this week. Teachers are not required to and are often unable to accommodate other cancellations. If a teacher cancels a lesson and is unable to schedule a make-up with you, your account will be credited.

If  lessons are cancelled due to the weather, our voice mail at 295-1950 will have a general message by 1:00 pm indicating that we are closed.  Please call and check the message on any day you are uncertain about the weather before coming to lessons or check our website www.morethanmusicRI.com.

The 28th annual More than Music Recital is tentatively planned for June 8, 2019.   This will be determined once we are able to confirm the location for the recital is available.  Confirmation of the date and recital times will follow as we get closer to June.

Thanks for joining us at More than Music. We're looking forward to another great year.


More than Music | 170 Tower Hill Rd. North Kingstown, RI 02852 | 401-295-1950